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How to create unique art with old photographs

Most of us have thousands of photographs saved on our phones that we carry with us every day. Some of us have boxes of old family photos or even older black and white snapshots of people we don’t even know. Printed photographs seem to be out of fashion, yet they are very powerful objects, filled with stories and meanings. So why keep them in a box, or hidden away in the camera roll of our phones, when we can use them to create something potently unique?

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Learn how to:

  • combine photographs with collage, paint, natural elements and other media 

  • choose the right photographs and prepare them for altering

  • create woven and patchworked photographs

  • create 3D photograph structures

  • create artworks in containers

  • stitch on photographs

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This book is about the transformation of familiar, often mundane objects, into immortal art objects. It provides easy step by step instructions on how to transform old photographs to create a new story. But it is so much more than an instructional book - it’s a visual experience, a time travel machine, accompanied by art, quotes, inspiration galleries and even music, all personally selected by us.

The Book
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Jack Ravi

Jack Ravi is a self-taught artist. He works with curiosity and with a sense of wonder, with references that come from the collective unconscious, exploring themes like loss and play, memory and identity, masculinity and gender norms.

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Jane Chipp

Jane Chipp is a collage, assemblage and textile artist.  She celebrates the lives of forgotten people by making artworks using found objects, old papers and photographs. She aims to engender a connection to the past and a recognition of the basic similarities between us and our predecessors. 

Artful memories authors

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Finding old photographs to use in your artwork is great fun. However, if you need some images to
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