Finding old photographs to use in your artwork is great fun. However, if you need some images to get you started, we've included some of our found photographs and ephemera here.


This listing is for all the photographs that are included in the book Artful Memories - How to create unique art with old photographs. 


These photographs come from our own private collections. We've purposely not edited these images, because we wanted to share authentic snapshots that show signs of age and the reality of found photographs - which are far from perfectly focused and pristine, and that's why we love them.


NOTE: This is a digital product. No physical object will be shipped to your address. Once the order is placed you will instantly receive a link to download your high res photographs. If you don't receive a link in the first minute or two, please email us at and we'll send a new link :)


Thank you,


Jack & Jane

Free Found Photographs Download from the Artful Memories Book