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Artful Memories: How to create unique art with old photographs


This listing is for the e-Book version of Artful Memories, N.1 New Release in Mixed-Media and Mixed-Media Craft on AMAZON!


Projects suitable for beginners and experienced mixed media artists to create unique art with old photographs.


  • use photographs of your loved ones to keep their memory alive
  • learn new techniques to create unique mementoes and gifts
  • follow step by step instructions and fill your home with meaningful artworks


In their warm and personal tone, Jane Chipp and Jack Ravi have provided easy to follow projects so that you can learn how to stitch on photographs, make memory pebbles, pocket-size keepsakes, babies napping in matchboxes, photo patchworks, woven images, and even how to alter a book to store your creations. Artful Memories is the complete creative guide to making beautiful art from your own, or found, photographs and everyday objects. The book provides over 25 projects and techniques created and tested by the authors.

Artful Memories includes examples from Jane Chipp and Jack Ravi and over 100 other passionate artists who contributed their inspirational work through an open call to enrichen the book with everything you need to create your unique art with old photographs.

Jane and Jack also share their tips on where to find old photographs. Alternatively, the book provides seven pages of vintage photographs for you to use in your projects.

Artful Memories will transform familiar objects and old photographs into immortal pieces of art, creating new stories for you, families and friends which are tactile and will keep memories alive.


NOTE: This is a digital product. No physical object will be shipped to your address. Once the payment is received you will instantly receive a pdf version of the book. You will also receive access to the high res version of the found photographs contained in the book. If you don't receive a link in the first minute or two, please email us at and we'll send a new link :)


Thank you,


Jack & Jane

Artful Memories eBook: How to create unique art with old photographs

  • 164 pages,

    English Language,

    ISBN: 978-1-7398654-1-2

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